i’m trying to make a list of every donut i’ve ever made but there’s so many it’s hard to remember. can you remember any i missed? does this list give you an idea of something else i should do?


apple chai
apple cider
apple crisp
apricot almond

Walden Pond

I had a dream I was dating Michael Cera and we were in Hawaii and you didn’t have to leave the beach to see whales… Real life sux

idk if it’s worse to have a sexy dream about someone random and wake up feeling like you’re in luv with them or have a dream where you do all your errands and wake up to realize you still have to do them but dealing with both all week is actually worse than either so ~woof~

If you’re ever wondering what I’m thinking from about 2 days ago til the end of time, it’s just a loop of Nicki’s new video and me getting chills/butterflies.

Played a ridiculous show one year ago. Nostalgia.

Played a ridiculous show one year ago. Nostalgia.

Holy shit I’ve been waiting for the 66 for an hour and half that time was spent with some old lady telling me that I have no idea how beautiful I was before I went and ruined my face and how I’ll never find a man or a job with this ugly crap in my face. She didn’t seem to care that I have a boyfriend and own a business because I could “do so much better” but wouldn’t tell me what “better” was. She also offered to show me her 80 year old boobs to show me how much I’ll regret my choices when I’m old. I accidentally made her cry though. WHERE THE FUCK IS THE 66.

Anonymous asked: I wish I'd see u in person more... I don't know why but your the cutest thing ever to me..

Why do people always compliment me like it’s weird they think I’m cute. Who TF r u.

My tumblr is now just:
Pictures of me people like
Me being sad and lonely no one cares about
My photography no one cares about
Recipes in my favorites that I never make
Luv u internet.


I’m a princess 2day ✨🌟👸🌟✨

I’m a princess 2day ✨🌟👸🌟✨